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Thursday, April 28, 2016

 12:01 PM 

Ryan Rundown: Ryan reaches out to millennials during Georgetown University town hall

In today's Ryan Rundown: House Speaker Paul Ryan reaches out to millennials at Georgetown University, telling students the GOP wants America to be "open, diverse, dynamic," and that they should "look at the policies, not the person so much" as they vote for president.


- Paul Ryan asks millennials to give GOP a chance

- Paul Ryan gives conservative millennials a pep talk

- Speaker Paul Ryan's election year advice for young republicans

- Paul Ryan on Confederate flag: 'This symbol does insult'

- Ryan wants to end Obamacare cost protections for sick consumers

- Paul Ryan objects to 'mass deportation' of illegal immigrants


Olivia Nuzzi: Paul Ryan's eternal sunshine of the spotless mind


 10:47 AM 

Wendy Riemann column: Advantageous Advocacy: Keep it Simple

The Netflix series “Making a Murderer” has captured the attention of millions of people.  However, I know few individuals who would want to start that 10-episode series, or any series, on episode number four. Knowing how it all begins and understanding the basic framework is crucial.

The same methods are true on Capitol Hill. After surveying of dozens of Hill staff, a whopping 88 percent said that for a first meeting with any group, they would prefer the group assumes the congressional office know nothing about the topic at hand. So, start at the very beginning.

While a group’s issue may be the most important thing in the world from its perspective, and it may even be atop the news, it may also be unfamiliar to a busy staff person trying to juggle a plethora of policy issues.

As one staff person told me, “They should start the meeting at the 30,000 ft level ... Many staffers fake that they understand an issue because they don't want to look stupid ... which makes it tough for the staffer to brief their boss.”

If the staff person is unable to effectively brief the boss, despite the group’s best use of intricate details, fancy charts, and interactive graphs, the group’s message will be lost.

Even when asked, “Are you familiar with this issue,” most staff will say yes, even if the answer is no.

More annoying to many staff is being asked, “What do you know about this issue?”

With all that being said, groups need to work with staff. Do not make the meeting awkward, embarrassing, or unhelpful. Allow the staffers to walk before asking them to run.

Some of the more effective ways of accomplishing this is to provide at that initial meeting a one-page summary or a 101 type overview that includes the fundamentals. Diligently avoid the industry jargon.

Make an effort to eliminate the use of acronyms, and if someone in the group does, clarify what it means. Stay out of the weeds. If a group is meeting to discuss legislation, provide the bill name AND bill number, and sponsors upfront.

These are some simple techniques that will allow a group to more clearly convey its message.  Plus, staff members are conscientious of time. If they know more about the issue, they will indicate such and encourage the group to move on and go deeper into the weeds.

Finally, as a group prepares for that first meeting, keep in mind some words of wisdom from Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

-- Riemann is president of 1492 Communications, a consulting firm. She can be reached at: wendy@1492communications.com.

 10:17 AM 

Column: Speaker Ryan's rapid press shop

This is an excerpt from Nicole Duran's DC Wrap column. Sign up for the full column by emailing staff@wispolitics.com.

Quickly countering the other side’s argument is nothing new in politics but House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office has cut the response time down to zero.

Increasingly during White House spokesman Josh Earnest’s daily briefings, the Janesville Republican’s leadership office counters Earnest in real time with emails, statements and tweets. The response became so rapid that during the April 7 briefing the two sides were effectively debating each other with the White House press corps serving as intermediary.

At issue is congressional Republicans’ claim that the Obama administration is not answering their questions or providing enough details about how it would spend the $1.89 billion it is seeking to combat the Zika virus.

Earnest denied the charge and ticked off the number of times top-ranking officials headed to Capitol Hill to answer lawmakers’ questions.

Meanwhile, Doug Andres, a Ryan spokesman, emailed reporters unanswered letters key lawmakers sent the administration. Armed with the documents, reporters asked Earnest why the administration hadn’t responded.

Initially Earnest said he wasn’t sure if those particular letters received responses: "I can't speak to the individual letters," he said, before offering to share the administration’s appropriation request that Republicans say is insufficiently specific.

"Maybe we can engage in a little information exchange," Earnest told reporters. "I'm happy to give you a copy of our legislation if you want to pass that on to members of Congress and get them to act on it."

The White House communications office then went into its own rapid response mode and quickly researched the letters’ fate while Earnest fielded questions on different topics. When Earnest was pressed again on the letters Andres shared, he was ready.

"I am recently informed that the letters that the speaker's office apparently distributed to all of you were responded to by the Office of Management and Budget Director Shaun Donovan on April 6," Earnest said. "Rather than writing letters, we would appreciate Republicans actually doing their job and passing legislation that has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with fighting Zika."

Andres wasn’t finished. He tweeted to Earnest that Donovan’s letter wasn’t up to snuff, calling it a rehash of a previous administration blog post.

Read the full column here, with news on a VA bill named after a Tomah veteran and a fight between House Speaker Paul Ryan and the Obama administration on Puerto Rico.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

 11:09 AM 

Ryan Rundown: Ryan vows fair, transparent process for GOP nomination

House Speaker Paul Ryan vows a fair and transparent process for choosing the Republican nominee and more on Ryan's plan to release the House GOP's agenda this spring in today's Ryan Rundown.


- Paul Ryan: GOP nominee will be chosen 'fairly and transparently'

- Ryan: Trump 'comfortable' with my vision for GOP

- Paul Ryan: Expect A "Contract With America" style agenda from Congress before the election


- Matthew Yglesias: Why next year is going to be a disaster for Paul Ryan's presidential dreams


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

 12:12 PM 

Ryan Rundown: House GOP to release agenda in Spring

In today's Ryan Rundown: The House GOP is preparing to release its agenda ahead of the Republican National Convention and House Speaker Paul Ryan offers advice to the GOP presidential field.


- Ryan Continues to Push Agenda Alternative to Donald Trump

- Ryan says major tax reform package coming this spring

- Ryan to GOP candidates: Get your acts together before convention


- Steve Benen: Paul Ryan's curious case against expertise

- Nancy Milholland: There is no grassroots movement to remove Paul Ryan


Monday, April 25, 2016

 12:31 PM 

Ryan Rundown: Ryan faces split GOP caucus in seeking solution to Puerto Rico debt crisis

In today's Ryan Rundown: House Speaker Paul Ryan faces obstacles in passing a debt restructuring plan for Puerto Rico, and NPR looks at what Ryan has accomplished so far as speaker.


- Ryan's Biggest Test Yet: Saving Puerto Rico From Congress

- Between Delays And Mending Relations, How Much Has Paul Ryan Accomplished As Speaker?

- Ryan discusses Washington agenda during trip home

- Ryan Declines to Take Position on N.C. Bathroom Law, Mississippi Freedom of Conscience Law


- Carl P. Leubsdorf: Paul Ryan likely thinking beyond 2016

- William G. Howell and Terry M. Moe: It's so much worse than just Paul Ryan vs Nancy Pelosi ... This is why Congress is a disaster

- Francis Wilkinson: Paul Ryan's Republican ghetto


Friday, April 22, 2016

 10:12 AM 

Ryan Rundown: Speaker says votes aren't there to pass budget

In today's Ryan Rundown: House Speaker Paul Ryan says the votes aren't there to pass a budget and House Dems call on Ryan to take action to protect the environment.


- Ryan says he doesn't have the votes to pass a budget

- Paul Ryan puts his stamp on GOP foreign policy


- Samantha Page: House Democrats are seriously sick of this, Paul Ryan

- Tom Sinclair: Paul Ryan can help break gridlock on climate change

- David Dayden: Paul Ryan is making John Boehner look like a legislative genius

- Steve Benen: Paul Ryan's halo starts to lose its luster


Thursday, April 21, 2016

 10:37 AM 

Ryan Rundown: Ryan makes Time magazine's '100 Most Influential People' list

In today's Ryan Rundown: House Speaker Paul Ryan makes Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People" list, and Ryan contrasts his leadership style with that of former House Speaker John Boehner.


- Ryan, Priebus, Rylance on Time magazine's 100 most influential list

- TIME 100 Leaders: Paul Ryan (By Mitt Romney)

- Ryan: Priebus turned around RNC 'almost single-handedly'

- TIME 100 Leaders: Reince Priebus (By Paul Ryan)

- Ryan: I'm no John Boehner

- Ryan email blasts causing top Republicans to wonder

Opinion, analysis

- Jazz Shaw: Looks like neither Paul Ryan nor Barack Obama like this Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

 10:23 AM 

Ryan Rundown: Ryan presses for IRS overhaul

House Speaker Paul Ryan presses for an overhaul of the IRS, the speaker joins President Obama in opposition to a 9/11 bill that would let victims' families sue Saudi Arabia, and he tells Steven Colbert "no," "nein," "nyet" to accepting the GOP nomination in today's Ryan Rundown.


- One day after 'tax day,' House Speaker Paul Ryan pushes IRS overhaul

- House GOP, White House clash over IRS reform

- In rare alliance, Obama, Ryan Oppose 9/11 Bill

- Ryan won't back bill allowing 9/11 victims sue Saudi Arabia

- Stephen Colbert badgers Paul Ryan to say at least 'maybe' to GOP nomination

- Republicans shouldn't skip party convention, Ryan says

Opinion, analysis

- John Bresnahan: Ryan's House of woes: After six months, new speaker struggling to advance agenda

- Carl P. Leubsdorf: Paul Ryan is positioning the GOP to win next time

- Michael Reagan: Paul Ryan's 20-20 vision of Republican train wreck


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

 10:57 AM 

Ryan Rundown: Ryan bids Obama deny Iran access to U.S. dollar

In today's Ryan Rundown: House Speaker Paul Ryan presses Obama to deny Iran access to the dollar and columnist Juan Williams opines on troubles facing the Janesville Republican.


- Paul Ryan Calls on Obama to Deny Iran Access to Dollar, Financial System

- Kerry, Iran FM to meet amid Iranian sanctions complaints

Opinion, analysis

- Juan Williams: Ryan faces sea of troubles

- Kelly McParland: Paul Ryan's very smart decision to leave Republicans in the lurch

- Cristian Farias: Ryan will get 15 minutes of fame at the Supreme Court

- Roger Bybee: Paul Ryan's Self-Serving "2020 Vision" for America


Monday, April 18, 2016

 11:30 PM 

Ryan Rundown: Crises add to budget woes

In the Ryan Rundown for Monday: Crises add to federal budget battle and Saturday Night Live spoofs Speaker Paul Ryan's announcement he would not accept the GOP presidential nomination.


- Ryan caught in middle of budget war over Flint, Puerto Rico, Zika crises

- Paul Ryan's 'not running for president' campaign ad didn't make Saturday Night Live last night. But not for lack of quality.

- SNL Rips Lyin' Paul Ryan In Hilarious Spoof Of Presidential Campaign Denial


- Scott Morefield: Paul Ryan soothes Middle East worries that Trump might get his way

- Eric Zorn: Of course Paul Ryan says to count him out!


Friday, April 15, 2016

 10:26 AM 

Ryan Rundown: Ryan continues push for Puerto Rico debt restructuring bill

In today's Ryan Rundown: House Speaker Paul Ryan's continues his push for a debt restructuring bill for Puerto Rico and a look at Ryan's foreign policy.


- Paul Ryan makes pitch for Puerto Rico debt restructuring bill

- Ryan faces conservative rebellion over Puerto Rico 'bailout,' needs Dems' help

- Puerto Rico bankruptcy bill faces do or die moment

- Paul Ryan says Middle East allies thanked him for taking on Trump


- David Sanger: Paul Ryan on foreign policy is closer to Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump

- Darrell Delamaide: Paul Ryan sets himself up for a win-win in a chaotic year

- Carter Eskew: What Paul Ryan's 'no' really means


Thursday, April 14, 2016

 11:32 AM 

Ryan Rundown: Ryan's political fundraising tops $17 million in 3 months

In today's Ryan Rundown: House Speaker Paul Ryan's fundraising tops $17 million in the first quarter of this year, Ryan faces backlash over financial assistance for Puerto Rico, and more on Ryan ruling out accepting the GOP nomination.


- Paul Ryan had a $17 million quarter for political fundraising

- Rep. Paul Ryan sets re-election fundraising record

- Paul Ryan faces conservative rebellion over Puerto Rico 'bailout,' needs Democrats' help

- Ryan: Don't call Puerto Rico bill a 'bailout'


- Drew Altman: What Paul Ryan's Stance on 2016 Means for Health Care

- Francine Kiefer: Why the speakership suits Paul Ryan just fine, for now

 11:04 AM 

Wendy Riemann column: Advantageous Advocacy: Honor the lifelines

They are the gatekeepers, the confidantes, and the lifelines.

Out of all the people who serve in a government office, the assistants are some of the most cherished. If a lobbyist undervalues them because they answer the phone, that office visitor is woefully mistaken.

An executive assistant is the essential lifeline for any leader.

Assistants are confidantes whom principals rely on for nearly everything. A lobbyist may have gone to school with the leader, donates to a leader's campaign, or even regularly socializes with the leader for a drink at happy hour. But the assistant knows the leader’s daily habits, home schedule, and mood that day. The assistant plays a crucial role in making a leader’s day run smoother by putting out fires and keeping to the schedule so the leader can make a kid's game. Sometimes the assistant becomes an essential sounding board.

As one leader told me, “You can take a shot at me, and I’ll get over it. But don’t EVER take a shot at my assistant, or I will not let you back into the office.”

Even on an assistant’s worst day, that person knows more about the leader and the inner-workings of the office than anyone outside the office. Yet, as a trusted and loyal individual, that person also knows how to keep quiet about confidential information.

Lobbyists are naive if they don't realize that assistants hold a position of great power in an office and should be treated as such.

As gatekeepers, they can facilitate a request, or frustrate it. They can prevent a lobbyist from ever getting a meeting. An assistant can also clue a lobbyist into the leader’s day and provide an avenue for the right approach. And the truly outstanding assistant finds ways to add time to a leader’s day so productivity can be maximized.

In a previous position, where I had a larger staff, whenever I interviewed a new job candidate, I intentionally made the person wait for a few minutes at the front desk so the receptionist could make small talk with the job candidate.  In my view, the interview started with the job candidate’s arrival at the office, Later, I would ask the receptionist for her impressions of the candidate, and how polite, professional, and friendly the candidate was to her. I trusted her. Regardless of what the job candidates said or did not say in my office, or how stellar of a resume they had, if they weren't kind to a fellow human being, or if they snubbed the receptionist, they would not be hired by me.

We had a busy office with fast, and sometimes unanticipated deadlines, which required serious team work. I only wanted staff with a server’s heart and a giver’s attitude.  In my experience, I found that those with airs during an interview were unlikely to willingly roll up their sleeves when necessary and help their co-workers with something they might find menial or mundane. The approach may not work for everyone, but it did for that office – which was a talented and successful team.

Assistants matter. Anyone not respecting that in a good office probably will not.

-- Riemann is president of 1492 Communications, a consulting firm. She can be reached at: wendy@1492communications.com.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

 1:09 PM 

Ryan Rundown: Assessing the impact of Ryan ruling out accepting GOP nomination

In today's "Ryan Rundown" journalists and pundits examine how House Speaker Paul Ryan's latest statement ruling out accepting the GOP nomination affects the dynamics of the presidential race.

"Ryan Rundown" will now run as a daily feature.


- Paul Ryan: 'I do not want, nor will I accept' GOP presidential nomination

- Paul Ryan: 'Count me out' on presidential run

- Paul Ryan to GOP: 'Count me out' for 2016

- Paul Ryan announces -- again -- that he does not want to be the GOP nominee

- Paul Ryan rules out 2016 presidential bid


- Perry Bacon Jr.: Ryan Is Running a Campaign, Just Not for President

- Thomas B. Edsall: No Paul Ryan Means Still More Anger

- Matt Laslo: Paul Ryan to GOP: I Can't Be Your Everything

- Howard Kurtz: Paul Ryan just says no, but the media keep looking for a white knight

- Jim Newell: Paul Ryan Still Refuses to Be President. But Who's Asking?

- George Will: Paul Ryan Just Didn't Take Himself Out Today, He Took Out Scores Of People

- First Read: Why Clinton Is the Biggest Winner From Ryan's No-Go


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

 2:45 PM 

Ryan on prez speculation: 'Count me out'

 House Speaker Paul Ryan today sought to put to rest any more speculation he could become the GOP nominee for president.

Speculation has ramped up the Janesville Republican could be tapped as the party nominee if none of the current candidates collects the delegates needed to win the nomination outright. But Ryan told a Washington, D.C., news conference there is too much work to do in the House to allow the speculation to continue.

"Let me clear," Ryan said. "I do not want, nor will I accept the nomination of our party."

Ryan also had a message for party delegates, who will select the nominee. If no candidate has a majority of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination on the first ballot, they should choose someone who is already in the race for the nominee.

"Count me out," Ryan said.


Friday, April 8, 2016

 1:57 PM 

Ryan Rundown: Speaker meets with Saudi King, praises Israel

In this week's Ryan Rundown: U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan meets with Saudi King Salman during a trip to the Middle East.

The Janesville Republican also said GOP delegates will determine any convention rule changes. Pundits, meanwhile, disagree on the likelihood and potential for success of a Ryan presidential bid.


- Paul Ryan at Knesset: Israel-US alliance 'more important than ever'

- Saudi King receives US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

- Israel 'our indispensable ally' in war on Islamic terror, says Paul Ryan on visit to Jerusalem

- Paul Ryan's tea party challenger answers #NeverTrump with #NeverRyan

- Paul Ryan: Convention rules changes up to the delegates

- Paul Ryan, fee diversion and presidential politics

- Charles Koch is privately committed to getting Ryan nominated in Cleveland

- Ryan insists he won't be GOP nominee

- Paul Ryan on becoming president: 'Get my name out of that'

- Top Republicans talking up Paul Ryan as nominee

- Concerns about Paul Ryan emerging out of Ted Cruz-created contested convention as nominee dominates Wisconsin [Hahn]

- 'I've already said that that's not me' ... Paul Ryan in Israel dismisses talk of being Republicans' compromise pick

- Ryan spox posts 6-word tweet to Drudge after website pushes possibility of Ryan candidacy

- Why picking Paul Ryan (or anyone else) at the GOP convention carries its own risks

- 2 reasons Paul Ryan would be a hard sell to Republican voters

- Will Paul Ryan be the Republican nominee? 2:19 video analysis by Amber Phillips

- Ted Cruz, not Paul Ryan, would probably win a contested convention

- Ryan for president? Hatch says 'there's potential' in brokered RNC convention

- Paul Ryan tries to steal credit from President Obama for Zika virus funding

- Wisconsin voters reject Paul Ryan on trade

- Ryan's 3 Catholic rules for Washington ... 'People are the solution,' says the Republican speaker of the House

- Trump and Palin battle Cruz in Wisconsin, as Ryan lurks

- Ryan's hometown becomes center of GOP infighting

- SNL Outtake: Paul Ryan, John Boehner star in 'Establishment Shuffle' (Video)

- Paul Ryan just now realized he was ignorant about poverty


- Mike Allen: Paul Ryan 'more calculating and ambitious than he lets on'

- Paul Rosenberg: Ryan is an absolute joke: The facts and numbers make it clear

- Alan J. Borsuk: Will Wisconsin humble some big egos? Analysis of Trump, Clinton, Walker, Ryan, Priebus, Kasich, Cruz, Sanders

- Charles Pierce: Paul Ryan is very bad at pretending to not run for president

- Caitlin Huey-Burns: The 'draft Paul Ryan' pipe dream

- Jonathan Chait: Paul Ryan is running for president

- Jennifer Rubin: Paul Ryan could be the last hope for Republicans

- Matt O'Brien: Donald Trump is just Paul Ryan on steroids

- Heather Cox Richardson: This war is for America's soul: Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and how wealthy white elites protect themselves

- Lynn Stuart Parramore: Paul Ryan's curious mea culpa and the truth about 'makers and takers' the right willfully ignores

- Ezekiel Kweku: The repentant rhetoric of Paul Ryan

- Josh Vorhees: Trump apocalypse watch: Is Paul Ryan a white knight or a horseman?

- Simon Maloy: The 'draft Paul Ryan' fantasy: A soothing fiction to make donor-class Republicans feel better

- Martin Matishak: Why the GOP won't give up on Paul Ryan as a presidential nominee

- Jake Novak: Forget Trump. Paul Ryan is the likely GOP nominee

- Kathleen Parker: Paul Ryan could make 2016 normal again

- Tina Nguyen: Why everybody seems to think Paul Ryan wants to be president

- Sean Illing: The Koch brothers don't get it: Their latest push to nominate Paul Ryan at the convention is dead in the water

- John Kass: Paul Ryan, GOP establishment Nosferatu

- Hamilton Nolan: Paul Ryan is a very dangerous man

- Paul Waldman: No, Paul Ryan can't ride in to save the GOP

- David Harsanyi: Sorry, Donald Trump is nothing like Paul Ryan

- John Cornyn: Contested convention likely, but Paul Ryan as nominee isn't


Friday, April 1, 2016

 3:58 PM 

Ryan Rundown: Speaker faces primary challenge

In this week's Ryan Rundown: House Speaker Paul Ryan continues to dodge speculation that he could win his party's presidential nomination at a contested convention, and the Janesville Republican is facing a primary race with a Delavan businessman critical of his performance in Congress.

Also, the presidential candidates arrive in Ryan's hometown to stump ahead of the April 5 primary, and some target the speaker with campaign commentary.

- Ryan faces primary challenge from wealthy businessman 'betrayed' by speaker

- Ryan faces tea party primary challenger

- 'Betrayed' conservatives to primary Speaker Paul Ryan

- [Delavan] Businessman Paul Nehlen to challenge Paul Ryan from right in primary

- Delavan businessman to challenge Ryan

- The honeymoon may be over for House Speaker Paul Ryan

- 'Romney Rules' could prevent a Paul Ryan run

- Ryan moves stir White House talk

- Paul Ryan says he won't be the Republican nominee

- Wisconsin GOP rallies for Cruz, pines for Paul Ryan

- Wisconsin-based 'cheesehead revolution' challenged by Trump

- Can Paul Ryan and Donald Trump coexist within the Republican Party?

- Donald Trump, Paul Ryan increasingly at odds over future of the GOP

- Trump brings GOP civil war to Paul Ryan's backyard

- Turbulent presidential campaign reaches Paul Ryan's door

- Protesters descend on Paul Ryan's hometown for Donald Trump rally

- Ryan booed at hometown Trump rally

- Trump brings up Rep. Ryan, crowd reacts negatively

- Donald Trump picks on Paul Ryan, defends campaign manager in Wisconsin [Joseph]

- Ryan's hometown bans LGBT discrimination

- Paul Ryan visits Oklahoma City, meets with business leaders

- Speaker Paul Ryan coming to Alabama [on Wed.], raising money to hold GOP House majority

- Ryan wants George Clooney to stop emailing him


- Stan Collender: You still think Paul Ryan isn't running for president?

- Elias Isquith: There's no way out for Republicans: Paul Ryan's anti-Trump speech shows exactly why the GOP's future is so bleak

- Paul Fanlund: Four common -- but misguided -- election axioms

- Chris Cillizza: The Republican Party had the worst week in Washington

- Jonathan Capehart: Paul Ryan got it right in his 'state of American politics' speech by admitting a mistake

- Paul Campos: Paul Ryan is still a grifter: The GOP has become a tax-avoidance scam for the 1 percent.

- LOLGOP: Ryan is more dangerous than Donald Trump will ever be

- Peter Roff: A revealing tale of two speeches

- Trump lies about Paul Ryan and entitlement reform during [WROK-Rockford] Ill. interview

- R. Emmett Tyrrell: Paul Ryan's road ahead

- Clarence Page: Speaker Paul Ryan finds his voice of reason

- TA Frank: Is Paul Ryan prepared to commit political suicide?

- Ross Douthat: #NeverReformConservatism at the Wall Street Journal

- Simon Maloy: Trump's Social Security heresy: Taking on Paul Ryan and the privatization push, Donald Trump is ignorant and incoherent, but he's still able to take apart and undermine GOP policy arguments

- Kevin Drum: Reality is bearing down on Paul Ryan

- Will Dobbs-Allsopp: Before Ryan was against big promises, he was for them

- Eric March: Republicans and Democrats should never forget what Paul Ryan just said about the poor

- Brian Lisi: Trump-centric travel tips for the Donald as he tours Paul Ryan's home state of Wisconsin

- Sundance: Rolling Plunder -- How Scott Walker and Paul Ryan plan to sell out Wisconsin, and the voters are oblivious


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